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Serving Washington - Statewide

Since 1987, Apex Legal Services has been diligently serving civil process State and Nationwide. We are based in Snohomish County, serving the entire State of Washington.

Accuracy and Accountability

Apex Legal ensures that your time-sensitive legal documents are in reliable hands when you work with us. Our speed and accuracy ensure that your papers will reach their destination on time.

Client Access and Updates

We provide a high degree of transparency by allowing clients to access and track updates. We offer a digital audit trail and GPS data, assuring we meet CFPB compliance requirements.

Eric Vennes

At Apex Legal, we believe in a customer first, ethical, and accountable way of doing business and value each client as if they were our only one.

Since 1987, the ownership of Apex Legal Services has been diligently serving civil process nationwide. We believe in a defendant’s constitutional right to due process and notice of same. We believe that regardless of whether you have a one time need or are litigating 1000 cases monthly, you deserve the highest degree of professionalism available. We have the systems in place to seamlessly integrate with your agency and provide you with top of the line service.

The service of civil process is not simply a glorified courier action. It is a responsibility of our judicial system and MUST be carried out in an ethical and legal manner. Ethics, professionalism, transparency, and technology all play a roll in providing an accountable service platform.

Our Technology

Our technology differentiates us from our competition. From job intake through completion, your papers are tracked every step of the way. Our servers in the field provide instant updates on jobs, allowing us to quickly communicate that a serve needs attention or has been completed. Our comprehensive software solution stores GPS and timestamps of service attempts assuring compliance with all client auditing needs.

By using the most technologically advanced processes, Apex Legal Services can offer a superior degree of regulation and internal compliance. Our servers utilize a mobile application, along with smartphones and tablets while in the field. This allows for GPS and time/date stamps for each attempt or successful service which can be transferred to the actual Proof of Service, eliminating the chance of sewer service. The use of internal signature exemplaries eliminate the chance of robo-signing; which from a national media standpoint, are seemingly the two most disastrous practices taking place today in our profession.

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Submitting Jobs & Receiving Status Updates

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Skip Tracing

An individual may disappear or simply cannot be contacted. In those cases, Apex Legal Services offers skip tracing services to collection agencies, investigators, companies, loved ones, and other individuals to find the individual.

Process Service

A process server is responsible for delivering legal documents to the parties involved in court proceedings. Apex Legal Services provides this service to any parties involved in litigation or other court proceedings. Process service is only proper if it follows the rules of the court and the laws of the state. You can be sure that Apex Legal Services serves papers in accordance with all requirements.

Financial Services

We offer a professional team to manage incoming business and consumer default files, with the ability to handle statewide volume clientele. We offer a full CFPB Compliance Program, assuring the protection of your Debtors personal information. Apex Legal Services provide their clients with a virtual and paperless workflow, based on efficiencies and a user-friendly technological platform.

What Our Clients Say

Over the past four years, I have come to know and trust Apex Legal Services to provide quality process service with the utmost in professionalism and discretion I expect. With an invaluable amount of experience and expertise, Eric Vennes is, without a doubt one of the most conscientious and trustworthy individuals I have had the pleasure of working within this industry.
-Charles R.
The amount of time we have saved by working with Apex has been significant for our workflow. Apex’s care about his clients is so valuable to us. Their user-friendly computer program helps us quickly supply them with new work and increases the value of their company tenfold.
-Josh H.
I had lost sight of certain debts and I knew would eventually be served with court papers. When I was engaged by Mr. Vennes, not only did the paperwork I receive help me square away some of my debt, but I found his professionalism and willingness to meet with me on my terms both inspiring and humbling. It’s difficult to articulate the importance of the role he played in a life returning from the depths of carelessness.
-Darin P.
At the time that we were introduced to Apex we were in serious need of a skilled professional to get work done in an efficient and timely manner. Apex was just the one for us. Apex Legal has exceeded our expectations with their speedy work performance, diligent effort, and honest concern with all of our needs.
-Dawn R.
I would like to thank Apex Legal Services for the very professional services our firm received from your company. Not knowing what to expect from a process serving company can make one a bit anxious. Apex was very thorough in the explanation of their services from start to finish, and they completed the service in a very expedient fashion. Thank you again. I would definitely use your services in the future.
-Kathy T., Legal Assistant

How It Works

The below questions and answers will give you a great idea of what to expect and how our process works. Please contact us with any questions that may not be covered here!

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Where Can Defendant(s) Be Served?

What if the Person Cannot Be Found or Is Evasive?

Will You File My Papers with the Court?

What if the Subject Will Not Accept the Papers?

What Is a Declaration of Service?

About Our Company

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Apex Legal provides links to valuable court resources such as court forms and the local rules of Superior Courts in the Greater Seattle Metro, Tri-County area.

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